Self Protection Techniques For Teenagers

Do you know how to take care of yourself? You may be the toughest kid on the block, however, do not be fooled into believing that nothing bad could ever happen to you. Something could and it  only takes a minute for someone bigger or stronger to change your life forever. You do not have to be frightened but you have to be prepared,

Always believe what your gut feeling tells you. If it does not feel like a safe place to be., it probably is not. If it feels wrong to take that drink, or get in that car, do not do it. Never hitchhike when you do not have a ride or bus fare. Ask an adult whom you can feel safe with to give you a ride

Make sure a friend or another person knows where and when you are expected to be if you are going to change location . If no one knows where you should be and what time you should get there, no one will know when to call the police if you fail to show up after a lapse of time. It may be nothing but what if someone really tries to hurt you or you are wayleid? A mere minute could make all the difference between safe and disaster.

Trust is a great thing. But trust is something that takes time to develop. You need to get to know someone and let him or he show they are trustworthy. A stranger , no matter how friendly or nice is not  someone you can trust at the first meeting.

Be careful, What information you out about yourself over the internet. "i could tell you I was rich and that i loved you and wanted to meet you because all the thing we talked about in a chat room, and once you came to meet me, I even kill you." What they say is vasily different from what they are thinking. The internet is where people hang around when they want to find a victim.

If something does happen and someone you do not to go with, grabs you or tries to force you to do anything you do not want to do, Then take action instantly, Scream as loud as you can. Try to get the attention of anyone passing by report to the police.

There are hidden danger lurking everywhere. We teenagers have to streetwise to self-protect from those who want to harm us

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