The Benefits Of Science


Many student shy away from learning science. This is because many student have the notion that science is a dificult subject to learn and one needs to do a lot of observation. Actualy, there are many benefits of studying science

First, by learning science, we can understand the world better. Everything in this world involve science. There is phothosynthesis when plants are producing food and also the water cycle where we obtain water from the rain. Secondly science saves lives. A knowledge on CPR can be useful to help someone who has drowned. A Heimlich maneuver will assist a person who is choking.

Next, The knowledge on science also helps to determine from a fact and a lie. So we cannot fooled especially when we buy electrical items or computer components. Science is also interesting as you can carry out many experiments. Television programme like "Backyard Science" shows many experiments that you can do your own like determining the speed of an object on different surfaces. Futhermore, Science trains you to think critically. You are to think of the cause and the effect of the experiments or predict the outcome. Other than, we learn problem solving skills. It provides solution in our daily live including how to combat aedes mosquitos or how to eliminate cockroach at home.


In addition, science is fun as there are many thing you can discover from why dinosours extinct or why the mountain produces larva. With knowledge on science , we understand how our body works . We know that we need to sleep 8 hours a day to make us fresh in the morning, Knowledge on science helps us to understand the illnesses . If a person is having fever we need to bring the temperature down by giving the patient sufficient liquid or sponge his body to cool him down.


Finally, it helps you to be creative and boost yourself confidence. People with knowledge on science has a better future because there many job prospect that can be offered to you like in the field of medicine, engineering and science itself.

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